Monday, July 3, 2017


FGM is also a CULTURAL practise, and NOT Islamic.  The Coptic Christians and many Non-Muslim tribes do it.

Not all Muslims are  taliban or wasabi, I mean wahabi nutters, half my ancestry is Islamic (Though I am obviously not, since it did NOT work for me.  I am a Pantheist Pagan with a strong Cathar slant.  I agree with everything Cathar, in theory but I'm too obnoxious to be called a Cathar, to be totally honest.  I'm also too hedonistic.  I mean, I'm FAT!  If I were Cathar, I'd probably be the only fat Cathar in existence.  I don't call myself Petunia Wigglebottom fer no reason, ya ken??????), and unlike those who condemn the religion due to taking the media's word with no real research, I CANNOT follow suit.  Yes, there has been Islamic conquests.  And what did were the CRUSADES?!  In fact THE ALBIGENSIAN CRUSADE GOT RID OF THE CATHARS, AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF SALADIN, AFTER READING ABOUT HIM, HUH?  HE WAS THE PERFECT MUSLIM!