Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Now Why Is It Again The 'West' Is Having Problems With Homicidal Invaders From The Middle East And Africa?

We already know about Yemen, Syria, etc. . .RIGHT?

Were we having problems with the so called 'Islamic States' before we were messing with them in the last century?  Oh, and don't forget the Crusades.  Don't forget the Inquisition, either.

I am NOT jumpng on the 'destroy all Muslims (or Jews, or what ever) bandwagon.  I work with some Muslims, some from Africa, and they are very nice people who have ACCLIMATED.  So have those from my 'tribe' who came over from Montenegro (Ulcinj, pronounced 'Oolsing'.), though I don't see them anymore. . .not because I hate them, but because there IS NO POINT in keeping contact.  When I did see them when I was still living with my parents, religion never even came up.   The chicks dressed like 1950's u.s. fashion models when they came over, and they didn't wear burkas or all that. But if the really, really want to, I think they should be able to.