Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Personal Rant

Yes, a GATE was passed through, and the 'repair work' hath begun.  Too bad it's gonna take so long, but not to bad that I won't see the worst of if.

Just look at my news sources, huh?

I should be ecstatic.   Well, I'm a'workin' on it.

Nice day, though.  Will it rain any minute now?  Looks like it.  Yup!  It is!  A little bit.

Think I'll put on anither cup o' tay.


Uh, NO!!!!!!!!

Or should that be NAE!!!!!!!!

Example, and the comment left me rolling on the floor:

And there's a lot more on a ton of different topics.

I'm under the impression the gods are FED UP!

Oh, it is so much fun sitting in front of da 'pooter readin' about the slow demolition of the worst of the worst in the world, drinkin' creamed Pu-Erh in a semi-dark room with an electric candle just to the left of me, with the window open, and rain coming down every now and then.

Well, drizzle really; but hey!